Bow shot of Tritoons

All Tritoons!

by | Mar 18, 2022 | General

Bow shot of Tritoons

Tritoons are Just better!

Did you know here at Pensacola Pontoons all of our Rental boats boats are Tritoons!  we love our Tritoons Rental Boats because they are faster and more stable than standard pontoon boats. By adding the 3rd Pontoon under the center of the boat it helps the bow ride much higher especially on the windy / rough days. it makes for a much more worry free safe day on the water for you and your family! Anyone who has ever been on a good old pontoon boat and went for a nose dive in a wave knows what I’m talking about.  We at Pensacola Pontoons have always prided ourselves on having top quality boats at a great price and even with the crazy gas prices we are still sticking to our Free GAS policy.

Rental Requirements!

To rent one of our Tritoons there are a few requirements that you must meet. The Person renting and driving the boat must be at lease 27 years old and have boating experience. If you have no Experience please call to book. Anyone born 01/01/1988 or after MUST have a Boater’s License to operate a vessel in the State of Florida. Therefore, if the driver was born in 1987 or prior they only need a VALID state or government issued photo ID. If they have a valid Boater’s License from their home state bring it with as it will be honored. If you would like to book one of our beautiful Tritoons just give us a call 850-602-4551 or Book Online.


Here at Pensacola Pontoons we offer a Large 24mile wide Boundary are to play in. Follow the link so you can take a look at our interactive boundary map. There are so many great places to visit while on the water on our area. to the west you have Fort Pickens, Fort Mcree and sand island. to the east you have the Gulf Island National seashore and Big Sabine. and everything in-between lots of good food and drink stops on Pensacola Beach. and miles of open privet beach for you to enjoy along the way!