Pensacola Pontoons’ Tritoon and Pontoon Fleet

We have a fleet of all Tritoon boats for rent in the area and are proud to offer them to our customers. Our fleet consists of a 22′-24′ South Bay Tritoons. We do not skimp on our vessels.  The Tritoons are equipped with Suzuki 115 HP four stroke outboards. We love Suzukis because of their reliability, fuel-efficiency, and quietness. Our boats have lots of storage for your gear as well as a sound system with BlueTooth capability for your entertainment. We have installed new GPSs to assist with your navigation of our waters and increase safety. They also have fish-finding displays to help you get on the bite. We meticulously maintain our boats to keep them as close to new as possible. We want to be sure you can rely on our vessels and you can focus on having a great time!


The Tritoons hold a maximum of 11 passengers or 1600 pounds (whichever comes first). Please be aware of these weight restrictions as we reserve the right to refuse rental because of safety for parties that exceed these limits. If your party and your gear exceed the maximum weight limit at the time of pick up you will be required to decrease weight on board to meet the restrictions. Last minute cancellations will result in full payment for the rental as we will not be able to rebook the vessel on short notice.