Big Sabine Cove

Big Sabine

by | Jul 25, 2021 | General

Big Sabine Cove

Everyone knows of Sand Island but have you heard of Big Sabine Cove?  While there are lots of beautiful places to visit on one of our boat rentals, Big Sabine Cove might just be one of the best! Located to the east of Pensacola Beach on the Gulf Islands National Seashore beyond Portofino Island Resort it is a short boat ride on one of our rental boats to get to this retreat to quiet paradise. You are sure to find Flipper along the way as well as other wild life. Usually Big Sabine Cove has far fewer visitors and boat traffic compared to other popular destinations such as Sand Island and Fort McRee. Take one of our boat rentals across Quietwater Sound to enjoy wading in tide pools, exploring freshwater ponds, and good snorkeling. You can even explore the ruins of an old fish hatchery slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature. Check out the grass beds nearby for crabbing and fishing. You might see starfish, hermit crabs, stone crabs, blue crabs and even horseshoe crabs in the mud ledges and grass beds nearby. Anglers may encounter trout, catfish, needlefish, redfish, mullet, or flounder with the help of a little shrimp (dead or alive). Be sure to leave the squid at home. 😉 You might even encounter a researcher from the University of West Florida’s Marine Biology program as this is one of their research areas. Big Sabine is more secluded than other areas so you will need to bring along any supplies you might need don’t forget lots of water and sunblock.  Book here for your next great water adventure on Pensacola Beach!

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