Fort McRee

Fort McRee

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Fort McRee

Pontoon Boat Rentals to Fort McRee

We have a lot of history in our Pensacola waters. Many are easily accessible by boat and a rental pontoon is a great way to discover our local national treasures! Our Gulf Islands National Seashore has some incredible finds that are amazing to explore. A favorite destination for our customers is Fort McRee on Perdido Key just across Pensacola Pass from Fort Pickens.

Fort McRee was built in the 1890s to protect Pensacola Pass and the batteries around it were used until the 1940s. The fort itself succumbed to storms and hurricanes around 1910. The eastern tip of Perdido Key still has ruins left of three batteries that are available for exploration. Battery Slemmer has three doors but only one is open enough to provide access to the inside. Enter at your own risk and be sure to bring a flashlight or phone with a light. You’ll find many little rooms and a few larger ones that served the 50-100 men that would staff the batteries when they were in working order.

Perdido Key

The Gulf side of the Key is easy to get to with a walk along the beach or over the dunes. There are a few freshwater ponds on the Key now but when the batteries were operational there was no freshwater in the immediate area. The ponds are red with the tannin from the surrounding vegetation, a common site in our area. The batteries were abandoned during World War II in part because of lack of fresh water and lack of access except by boat. The ruins are another wonderful offering of the Pensacola Bay waters. Come explore our history with Pensacola Pontoons! We look forward to getting you out there!

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